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reusable and refillable cork pen

Refillable Pen made from cork and metal with 1 spare black ink refill. = £9

Refill set includes: 5 x black ink refills and 5 x blue ink refills. 10 refills total per set. = £7

Please note: There is a spare refill included with the cork pen, make sure to check the packaging before you recycle it as the refill is hidden in the packaging!

Reusable Cork Pen and Ink Refill Set

PriceFrom £6.30
  • Plastic pens. Biros, ballpoints, Bic, all those free branded pens given out at any and every event… we all generally tend to have a lot of these floating around the house, you can never find one when you need it but they also turn up everywhere, down the back of the sofa being a likely place to randomly find one at least. Easy to lose because you know you will find another pen somewhere, which means they are often left as litter accidentally or otherwise.

    Think of how many pens you’ve ‘lost’ over the years. Where are those pens now? Some are likely to have, shall we say, escaped, into the environment. Sad isn’t it.

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