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Ceramic Incense Burners

Dimensions: - 18 x 13 cm x 3mm (7 x 5 inches x 1/10inch) approximately.


The hole in the base of the design allows an incense stick to be inserted and the ash to fall into the hand.


These incense burners are made by hand in clay and individually hand glazed so that each one is unique and of high quality.


The ceramic incense burners are created in the midlands near Lichfield so they have a low carbon footprint (no sailing from China). They are made in a small independent home studio pottery – Lichfield Studio Pottery and Prints (so small they don’t even have a website yet and only sell through ABP - even more exclusive!)


Why the Hamsa Hand? This design works on two levels, it is practical in that the incense ash should fall within the hand. This protects your furniture, unlike the narrow strip design which often leads to ash falling on either side. The Hamsa Hand as a design also has many positive connotations, being associated with bringing the owner health, happiness, and good fortune. The eye in the centre of the palm is an emblem representing protection against misfortune and evil influences. It is an ancient North African and Middle Eastern symbol that is common to many faiths and cultures.


These incense burners make a perfect gift, being practical yet also beautiful to look at and hold, whilst also sending a lovely message of health, happiness, and protection. Add a packet of your favourite incense sticks and you have the full multi-sensory and unique gift.


Safety notes – The base of the incense burner is sanded smooth but it would be advisable to protect delicate surfaces. As with all containers for hot items never leave them unattended or near flammable items.


Please direct comments, queries or reviews about any of the ceramic products to Maggie at -

Ceramic Incense Burners

Color: Raw Umber Brown
  • Mass-produced ceramic items manufactured outside of the UK. Such products provide you with no guarantee of the materials used or the employment practices of the factories they are produced in.

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