anything but plastic's lucky dip bundle

Lucky Dip Bundle


All bundle purchases come with a 10% discount voucher to be used next time you shop!


It’s a surprise!


This bundle contains…



For those of you who love a surprise!

If you buy a lucky dip bundle, you’ll get a random selection of products, guaranteed to be worth more than what you paid for the bundle, except that we choose what goes in it! If you love a deal or a bargain then take your chance with our lucky dip…


The contents of this bundle will vary, that’s the fun of it. 😊 The bundle of items you receive will be made up of a random selection of products, which may or may not be on the website. For example, the bundle may include products that for some reason we no longer stock, but have some left hanging around, products that we were, or are, thinking of stocking, and products that are perfectly good and useable - but may have damaged packaging or are near/just past their 'best before date'.* We don’t waste anything here at ABP, so everything gets a chance to be useful, plus, it’s more entertaining this way.  


Go on then all you chancers out there, test your luck by taking a dip in our plastic-free pool of products!



*Best before is a recommendation, not a 'use by' date, so it is just when the producer of the product thinks it should be used up by. This tactic helps make you think you need a new one when in fact this date doesn't mean much for many kinds of products... We don't sell anything that can actually go off, don't worry, and we always check to make sure the product is still in good condition. We use up anything we think isn't good enough to sell ourselves, no waste allowed! 

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