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White Circular Star Ceramic Christmas Decoration

Handmade ceramic Christmas decorations, eco-friendly decor for your Xmas tree. Having had these decorations out at a few markets recently, I can tell you with surety that kids love them!


Choose from these designs:

1. White Circular Star

2. White Circular Snowflake

3. Blue Patterned Bell

4. Yellow Bell with Blue Dots

5. Pale Blue Snow Burst

6. Pale Blue Gingerbread Man

7. White Porcelain Snowflake 1

8. White Porcelain Snowflake 2

(The numbers correspond with the order of the images above.)


Porcelain decorations priced at £4 to reflect the higher cost of this clay, the other ceramic decoations are £3.50 each.


Supplied with red jute twine to hang them up with. This can be easily removed if you wish to use something else to put the decorations up.


Size: The exact size of each decoration will vary slightly, but to give you a rough idea of the sizing, all of these decorations will fit in the palm of your hand.


Please send any comments, queries or reviews about any ceramic products directly to Maggie at

Handmade Ceramic Christmas Decorations

PriceFrom £3.50

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