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small red gift pouch with gold ribbon

Make sure your presents are always presentable. Keep your gift-giving simple by stopping indulging in a throwaway culture. By using the same fabric gift wrap year after year, you can create a new family tradition. Plus, if you choose your reusable gift wrap to match your décor, then you get extra points for style every year. All those distant relatives that come to visit once a year will certainly be impressed, as these gift wraps help make presents look simply fabulous under the tree.


Choose from two sizes:

Small – A gift wrap pouch perfect for wrapping small items the size of jewellery boxes or soap bars.

Non-patterened = £3.75

Patterned = £4



Medium – 45cm x 45cm. Suitable for wrapping up books, chocolate boxes etc.

Non-patterened = £7.50

Patterned = £8.50


Check out our video guide to gift wrapping using fabric wraps, or get creative and wrap it your way.

Reusable Fabric Gift Bags

  • Single-use throwaway decorated wrapping paper and tape used to wrap it with. 

    Wasn’t it a shock to find out that not all wrapping paper can be recycled? 

    Turns out those pretty, sparkly, glittery, shiny, foil-backed, festive-themed wrapping papers aren’t getting recycled. You may have been dutifully putting all the discarded wrapping from your Christmas gift haul into the recycling bin, but unfortunately, these fun-looking gift wraps can’t be recycled because of their sneaky plastic content. Not paper at all, but plastic in disguise! We’ve all been foiled.

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