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bamboo afro comb

The Bamboo Afro Comb = 6 inches long and 2.5 inches wide. The length of the pins are just over 2 inches in depth.


Pick a comb that works for both your hair and the environment. Made from that quick-growing wonder wood, bamboo, so, in the unlikely circumstance you happen to lose this comb outside, you’ll be happy to know it is 100% biodegradable. Otherwise, this is a comb you’ll be merrily using for years and years. This comb is the good looking and environmentally-friendly alternative to cheap plastic combs you’ve been hoping for.


Wooden combs are gentler on your hair than plastic combs and help to reduce breakage. Give your head a bit of a massage with this comb to help stimulate the production of sebum on your scalp which helps keep your hair strong and healthy.

This afro comb is also suitable for use for those following the ‘curly-girl method.’

Bamboo Afro Comb

  • Plastic combs. Prone to loss and/or breakage…no I’m not talking about your hair or lack therof, just the plastic combs you use to groom your noggin.

    I’ve picked up plastic combs during beach cleans… which suggests a sad new definition for the term ‘beachcombing’.

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