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shampoo bars suitable for all hair types no transition phase

No transition phase! Vegan and Palm-oil Free. 60g

It works just like normal shampoo, hurrah! For those of you who have been struggling to adapt to ‘oil-based’ shampoo bars, (like the Friendly Soap bar for example) this is it, a solution for all your hair care woes. These shampoo bars leave your hair squeaky clean, no matter your hair type, as they work in a way similar to your everyday plastic bottled shampoo. Now you can ditch the bottle forever! For more info on the wonderful cleaning abilities of these shampoo bars, read on.


Suitable for all hair types, including normal, oily, dry, or damaged hair:

Cornflower + Marshmallow

Orange + Bergamot

Lime and Coconut

Sea Salt & Wood Sage


Suitable for Blonde Hair:



Suitable for dry, flaky or itchy scalps:

Seaweed and Peppermint


For best results keep it in a soap dish (or stick it on a bottle top) to let it dry out between uses.


Please note -The edges of these bars might be a little crumbly before use. This is normal as the bars are hand-pressed, not machine-pressed like factory-produced shampoo bars.

Shampoo Bars (suitable for all hair types)

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  • The many, many plastic bottles of shampoo. Just think of the shampoo aisle in the supermarket. All that choice of haircare packaged in so much plastic. The stuff of nightmares, honestly.

    These Bain & Savon shampoo bars are very similar to the Little Blue Hen heart-shaped shampoo bars that ABP used to sell and are our new replacement for the Zero Waste Path shampoo bars. All of these work using a coconut oil-based surfactant. A surfactant is what helps clean your hair by getting it all frothed up, foamy, and in a lather. In contrast, oil-based shampoo bars such as the Friendly Soap Shampoo Bar don’t use surfactants, they work more like soap, which is why such oil-based shampoo bars do not work for everyone or have a transition phase.

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