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plastic-free kitchen scrubber made from coconut coir

No need to scour the internet any further in search of alternatives to plastic washing-up sponges, as here they are! Natural, biodegradable and plastic-free, these round scourers are made from coconut coir (which otherwise would be a waste product) and come in a pack of two. For eco-friendly dishwashing, these natural scourers are the perfect alternative to those green and yellow plastic sponges that we know are sneakily responsible for shedding microplastics down the drain!


These scourers provide long-lasting dishwashing excellence, as they are durable and won’t lose their shape over time. Great for scrubbing without scratching so they will not damage your pans and pots.


Our supplier also plants a tree for every pack sold!


Pack of 2. Each scourer is 10 x 10 x 4.5cm in size.

Coconut Kitchen Scourers

  • Those conspicuous yellow and green kitchen sponges are ubiquitous in kitchens everywhere across the land. Long presumed to be the pinnacle of dishwashing instruments, this silly little kitchen sponge has lost its shine now that we’ve realised that it has been sneakily shedding microplastics down the drain all this time. What a disaster. (I’m sure you’ve noticed before that the green side of the sponge flakes off leaving green specs all over your sink, those are microplastics.) Once no longer fit for purpose, these green and yellow monstrosities then have to be thrown into landfill as they cannot be recycled.

    These kitchen scourers can also be a replacement for steel wire scourers, which while not made out of plastic, often come packaged in plastic, and also have the unfortunate side effect of scratching your pots and pans if used too vigorously.

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