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solid hand cream moisturiser bars in reusable tins

A new range of hand cream bars in fancy reusable tins that we think will make perfect stocking fillers! Reverse the damage that cold dry winter weather is doing to your hands with these handy bars of hand cream. There is a bar for everyone here, with a tailored gardener's hand balm, a baby balm, and three other hand cream bars each with their own delightful scent to choose from. These bars will leave you with beautifully soft, nourished hands.


Each hand cream balm is a bar of concentrated moisturising power packed into a lightweight tin. These bars are non-messy, convenient to use and easy to carry with you, offering a quick fix for your dry hands wherever you go. With lovely scents and a non-sticky formula, the bars contain only 100% natural ingredients, with no artificial colourings, fragrances or preservatives and are not tested on animals.


50g bar in a snazzy reusable tin.


Choose from:

The Queen Bee – Citrusy fresh with orange, lime and lemongrass.


Luxury No 1 – The spa experience in a tin, the sweet smell of luxury included. With lavender, rose geranium, sweet orange, lime, frankincense, clove, myrrh.


Golden Rosewood – Floral sumptuousness with rosewood, rosemary, mandarin, lavender, frankincense, geranium, basil, jasmine.


Gardener’s Hand Balm – Botanical healing for hardworking hands. With lavender, bergamot and ylang-ylang.


Baby I Love You Balm – Fragrance-free, just pure gentle nourishing goodness for your little one. Non-messy, easy to apply and carry with you in a lightweight tin, helps to make soothing your baby’s skin simple. 


How to use: Gently rub the bar in between your palms. The heat of your hands should melt the bar enough to turn it into a cream you can easily spread to cover your hands. Put the bar back in the tin and apply the lotion left on your skin to all areas of your hands, applying more as needed to particularly dry spots and areas of problem skin. Massage in and let your skin soak up some much-needed nourishment.


Please note - These bars are wrapped in an industrially compostable bioplastic (PLA) film to protect them in transit. My sample bar, which was given to me as a gift by a friend, did not have the bioplastic film to protect the bar, so I was oblivious to this when I decided to stock them and it was a bit annoying to find this out after it was too late. I’m not entirely convinced this protective film is necessary, so I’m going to ask my supplier not to supply these hand cream bars without the film in future. See the materials ratings section for more info on this PLA film.

Solid Hand Cream Bars

  • Tubs or squeeze bottles of plastic hand cream that have lots of ingredients …which aren’t necessarily kind to your skin. Many contain alcohol, which stops your skin from feeling greasy when plying on these thick creams; but doesn’t help your skin hydrate properly, so you have to use more of it.


    Hand creams come in plastic bottles and tubs of all shapes and sizes, many of which aren’t at all recyclable, or only recyclable in part after you’ve dismantled it into different pieces. This is putting all the onus on the consumer to work out how to dispose of the packaging, so it often just ends up in landfill.

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