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Dental Lace silk floss refill packet

Running low on Dental Lace? No more recurring nightmares of your teeth falling out for you, as you can rest easy in the knowledge that refills are now in stock!


Try refilling for fewer fillings as I am sure Dentists everywhere would say if they knew about Dental Lace.


Two spools of 30m floss included. 60 metres total.


Which is around 66 yards, nearly 197 feet or 2362 inches if you prefer those measurements. For any sailors out there, who’ve forgotten such landlubber lengths, that’s about 0.0323974 nautical miles.

Dental Lace Refills

  • All other dental floss is generally packaged in plastic. And made out of plastic. And once you’re done, you buy another one. Container after container after container of plastic floss in plastic packaging.

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