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plastic-free solid dish soap bars for washing dishes

‘Super effective zero-waste dish soaps made using natural ingredients. These soft and creamy foaming washing-up bars work wonders on your dishes in hard or soft water. You will enjoy effective cleaning and easy rinsing, leaving your washing-up incredibly clean, naturally.’


Choose from:

Lemon & Grapefruit 150g

Anti Bacterial with Gingergrass + Peppermint 150g


Choose the lemon bar for that citrusy fresh cleaning power, or the anti-bacterial bar to help thoroughly cleanse and remove bacteria from your dishes.


If you want a soap dish for your dish soap to sit on like in the photos above please check out our ceramic soap dishes!

Dish Soap

  • The good old bottle of washing-up liquid. Loyally, it has stood by your sink for many years, having been frequently replaced as it empties each time with a new plastic bottle of washing-up liquid, but now, its time has come. Washing-up liquid manufacturers have failed to package their product in anything other than plastic bottles, and even brands that don’t add a load of dubious ingredients to their mixture, and so may be seen as a bit more ‘eco’, have only upgraded as far as using recycled plastic for their packaging. It’s a step in the right direction, but that plastic is generally downcycled, such that the recycled material is of lower quality than the original, so it won’t be used to make another washing-up liquid bottle. This isn’t the solution we’ve been searching for. Washing-up liquid? We’ve grown past that, it’s time for us to move onto our solids. It’s all about blocks of dish soap now.

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