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fragrance-free solid shampoo bar in cardboard packaging

Plastic plastic everywhere, on your skin and in your hair. But no more! Wash your hair the plastic-free way with a solid shampoo bar. No plastic packaging and palm-oil free. Switching to a shampoo bar is one of the easiest ways to cut down on your plastic consumption, so why not start here?


Fragrance-free for those with sensitive scalps and for those who are allergic or want to avoid using essential oils.


For best results keep it in a soap dish to let it dry out between uses. Top Tip: Cut off a section of your shampoo bar at a time to make it more manageable to use. It will also last longer as you won’t be getting the whole bar wet!

Fragrance-Free Shampoo Bar

  • The many, many plastic bottles and containers of shampoo. Just think of the shampoo aisle in the supermarket. All that choice of haircare packaged in so much plastic. Stuff of nightmares honestly.

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