jade green japanese anemone leaf ceramic soap dish

Handmade Ceramic Soap Dishes

PriceFrom £12.00

You’ve got the soap, now here’s the dish. At last, you can reverentially place your solid soap on its own little shrine to hygiene. No plastic involved, just what you’ve been praying for!


Soap dish designs and styles in the order of the above photos:
1.  Jade Japanese Anemone Leaf - no drainage holes £15

2. Ocean Blue Shell - with holes £15

3. Coral Shell - with holes £15

4. Copper Bar Rectangle - with holes £15

5. Speckled Green Ginko Leaves Rectangle - with holes £15

6. Metallic Pewter Greek Rectangle - with holes £15

7. Forest Green Butterfly Buds Rectangle - no drainage holes £12

8. Downpour Blue Tree Circle - with holes £15

9. Citrus Zing (orangey-red with green highlights) Flower Octagon - with holes £15

10. Shimmery Copper Celtic Octagon - with holes £15

11. Plum Flower Octagon - no drainage holes £12

12. Deep Blue Flower Triangle - no drainage holes £12

13. Green Flower Triangle - no drainage holes £12




Get your hands on these one of a kind, beautiful ceramic soap dishes, handmade by my very own mother. The designs on the soap dishes are produced using a piece of vintage crocheted lace which was owned by my nan (and possibly even made by her!) Creative reuse, right? Each soap dish is handmade, so like snowflakes, no two pottery soap dishes made by Maggie Derry, (my mom) will ever be the same, meaning you get your own uniquely designed piece.


These soap dishes are approximately 10.5cm to 11cm in diameter, but every dish differs, so it may not be exactly that. The oval soap dishes are smaller than the rest, approx 10cm x 7.5cm, which will neatly fit half a bar of soap. The rectangles are also smaller, at 11cm x 7cm. I’m just giving you an idea, so you know how it will fit on the sink or the side in your bathroom.