paper tape

Paper Tape


100% recycled paper tape with a natural latex adhesive backing, making it 100% biodegradable. Stick that!


Length: 50 meters.

Width: 5cm


Make your Christmas a little less filled with plastic and increase the joy by using paper tape. An environmentally friendly solution to making sure no one peeks at their presents before Christmas day!

  • Sellotape/ plastic sticky tape. I’m calling for open warfare against it. Sellotape is the devil. Hidden evil on every parcel, present and gift you’ve ever received probably. Where does that sticky mess end up? You guessed it, landfill. Imagine Christmas day. Nearly every household in Britain will rip open their presents and promptly discard the wrapping paper, Sellotape clinging to the scattered remnants of joyful surprise like a parasitic worm leeching off its host. All of that plastic tape, thousands upon thousands of meters of the stuff, chucked away with no thought to where it will end up. SELLOTAPE IS EVIL INCARNATE.


    …Ok so that was over the top imagery maybe, but once you consider the scale of how much plastic sticky tape will be used in one day, and then consider the regularity it is used over the rest of the year, you can probably start to understand my strong feelings against the stuff.