FitPit tea tree and orange natural plastic-free deodorant 25ml low bi-carb formula for sensitive skin

FitPit Deodorant (Low bi-carb formula for sensitive skin)

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Metaphorically, plastic stinks, but that doesn’t mean you have to literally stink to go plastic free. FitPit is a 100% organic and natural deodorant cream that comes in a glass jar, hurrah!


Isn’t it nice to know that you don’t need lots of chemicals to mask your sweat? You don’t smell that bad, honest. Why not just smell clean and fresh instead with FitPit! Scented with Tea Tree and Orange so that you can walk around smelling refreshed and full of zest all day long. Delightful and soothing for your underarms.


This FitPit is made with less sodium bi-carbonate than the other FitPit's, meaning it is a milder and gentler formula for those with more sensitive skin. :)


Choose from a 25ml jar for around 3 weeks supply or a 100ml jar to last 3 months.


To use, rub a pea sized amount onto your underarms. The cream will melt in contact with your skin. Dries instantly and leaves no white stains.


Store somewhere cool. If it does melt, stick it in the fridge for a bit.