Denttabs plastic-free toothpaste tablets with fluoride

Denttabs Toothpaste Tablets (with fluoride!)

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At last! Plastic-free toothpaste that actually tastes like toothpaste and contains fluoride… Jackpot!


You can keep your teeth and save the planet after all. Chew these pills and keep your golden grills clean. Or your normal teeth, whatever cleans your gums chums.


To use, just chew one tablet and add a dab of water to feel it magically turn into toothpaste. Then clean your teeth as normal. (For a whole two minutes mind, otherwise the tooth fairy will be after you.)


1 month’s supply (in small glass jar) = 60 Denttabs tablets

6 months supply (in cardboard box) = 360 Denttabs tablets


That’s for one person. If you want two months’ worth, which would be 1 month’s supply for two people, then just click ‘1 month’s supply’ and put the quantity as 2. Get it?


Denttabs were developed by Dentists and are vegan and cruelty-free. They have the COSMOS Natural seal of the BDIH - which is an internationally recognised standard for controlled natural cosmetics. This means Denttabs include no artificially produced fragrances or dyes, contain mostly plant-based or natural ingredients and are produced in a responsible, environmentally friendly way. Another reason to smile. :)