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soapnut shells bag of eco-friendly laundry detergent

Make your laundry plastic free by washing your clothes the natural way. Soapnuts are a dried fruit which contains natural soap (saponin). Let nature keep you clean. One 500g bag does around 240 washes. You reuse your soapnuts around 4-5 times each, making it extremely efficient just as nature always is.


  • All the many versions of laundry tablets and liquids that are in plastic containers, which can contain polymers as well, that will inevitably end up in our water supplies and oceans.


    What about laundry powder in a box? No plastic there right?

    Correct, not the box itself. However, ingredients wise, polycarboxylates seems to be a common one. (Polymers are what plastics are made up of) Plus quite a lot of other harsh chemicals, so not everyone wants to use them, especially if you have sensitive skin.

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