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orange and lavender solid shaving soap bar in cardboard packaging
Shaving with soap is the traditional method of shaving and the most environmentally friendly. Now you can shave without smearing plastic all over your face and body. Did you know? Plastic is probably hidden in the ingredients of your usual shaving foam. Use shaving soap instead and let your razor slide smoothly over your skin without washing a load of plastic down the drain. For best results keep it in a soap dish to let it dry out between uses. 95g. 

Shaving Soap

  • Shaving foam and gels tend to have plastic in part of their packaging, this is obvious, but were you aware that lots of shaving foam actually has plastics in the ingredients? Like this one for example: Glyceryl Acrylate/Acrylic Acid Copolymer. Or this one: PVM/MA Copolymer. Or anything beginning with PEG in the ingredients. All plastic.

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