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Bamboo Toothbrush

Show off those gleaming pearly whites with a dazzling smile, you’ve got something to be happy about, because no longer will your dental care give the planet a filling made up of plastic waste!


Use your wisdom tooth and make the right choice to switch your toothbrush from plastic to bamboo and keep that disposable plastic out of landfill.


(FYI: The bristles are still plastic, nylon 6, but there isn’t much alternative if you want a conventional style toothbrush. By swapping out the handle and replacing it with bamboo, you eliminate 90% of the plastic used to make a toothbrush, which is definitely a step forward! Turn that frown upside down and cheer hurrah for progress 😊)

Bamboo Toothbrush

  • Plastic toothbrushes. If we listen to our dentists, we should replace them at least every three months. That means we all chuck 4 plastic toothbrushes into landfill each year because they aren’t recycled. That is 40 toothbrushes a decade. Say the average age we live to in the UK is 80 something. That’s around 320 plastic toothbrushes each, and then times that by 66 million. Feeling queasy yet and not just because maths makes your head hurt? Those plastic toothbrushes aren’t going anywhere. They don’t sit and rot, they just sit. That is insane amounts of waste I am sure we can all agree. Why should our dental health come at the expense of the planet?

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