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solid travel soap bar for hair, body and laundry in cardboard packaging
Cruise through airport security with ease, no need to faff around with your bag of liquids under 100ml anymore when you have a solid bar of this handy dual-purpose soap and shampoo. As a bonus, the lemongrass scent of this travel soap will also help keep the mozzies away! No plastic packaging and palm oil free. 95g. If you've tried the Friendly Soap shampoo bar and it works for you, then this travel soap should suit you too. For best results keep it in a soap dish to let it dry out between uses. (I'm still looking for a travel soap dish that isn't plastic. When I do find a suitable one I'll be getting some in for the shop don't you worry.)

Travel Soap

  • Plastic hand wash bottles and bar soap that always comes packaged in plastic. (Even if you think you’ve found one just in cardboard, the soap inside still has a plastic wrapper on. Much frustration.)


    Don't even talk to me about 'travel sized' plastic bottles. Grrr. 

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