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Pretty yourself without dirtying the environment!


Plastic-free mascara in a 20ml glass bottle with a metal lid.


Flutter your eyelashes to your heart’s content knowing that a cheeky wink of your volumized and defined lashes won’t leave the earth on the brink of disaster. 😉


*This mascara does not come with an application wand so make sure you save one from your old mascara bottle, but if you'd prefer you can buy new ones seperately I've been told.*

  • Just go down to your local Boots or Superdrug and flinch in horror at the aisles upon aisles and rows upon rows of little plastic bottles in the make-up section. Make-up is big business. There are hundreds of brands all making, let’s face it, basically the same products, but packaged in brightly coloured and gaudy plastic containers to make us understand the ‘differences’ between them all. Well, there’s no difference to where they’ll end up, which is most likely landfill. Awkward to recycle, as most make-up containers are made using mixed materials, and are difficult to clean so will quite possibly be rejected as a contaminant in recycling plants. The make-up business has a lot to answer for with the amount of waste it’s responsible for creating. The beauty industry is more of a beast when it comes to the environment. Ugly, stubborn and unwilling to change its ways. Pollutants aren’t pretty.


    It’s not just the packaging that’s plastic either. Did you know that waterproof mascara tends to contain plastic in the ingredients? That’s what makes it waterproof! I used to only use waterproof mascara, and now knowing that I was coating my eyelashes in plastic every day concerns me somewhat….