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I AM relocating to Sheffield, so…
Anything But Plastic Is hiring!

Retail assistant required.

If you want a job with flexible hours that also makes you feel like a hero helping to save the world by ridding the earth of plastic pollution, then look no further! …Well, you may want to read the rest of the job ad, but I’m sure you are hooked already. This is the job for you, I know it.

Anything But Plastic you say? What’s that?

Anything But Plastic is a growing online business that brings together plastic-free alternatives to everyday items and provides a platform of convenience for the average consumer to purchase these goods. Cutting down on plastic should not have to be hard, inconvenient or time-consuming. With ABP we are striving to remove these obstacles and bring about positive change.

Alright then, what’s the job?

 Helping to pack up orders mainly, as demand is growing for plastic-free products, keeping me very busy!

The roles you’ll be taking on are all on-site at our new office in the area around Kelham Island in Sheffield, as it’s a lot of picking up things and putting them somewhere else. E.g. Taking in deliveries, counting stock, putting away and organising stock, packing up Denttabs (our best-seller so we forever need more packaged up.) Post office runs/parcel drop-offs. Etc.

Still interested?

Candidates must have an all-consuming passion for saving the environment (…or a mild interest at least), a righteous fury concerning the problems of plastic pollution (although a slight indignation will do) and… various other skills. Go on, impress me.

Retail experience would be useful but not necessary. (Everyone has to start somewhere and it’s not that difficult). Enthusiasm and willingness to learn may be substituted for this.

Personality traits that would be ideal –

Neat – your handwriting needs to be legible for orders to get where they are supposed to at the very least.

 Conscientious – Double-checking you have definitely got the right colour/design/type/quantity of items in an order helps us make fewer mistakes.


The ability to perform repetitive tasks – This job does entail doing the same kind of tasks over and over… picking, packing, Denttabs, repeat. None of these tasks are arduous, and we normally chat or listen to podcasts/music or whatever whilst we are getting on with it all, so it isn’t boring I promise.  

Oh, and you must live in Sheffield, or within commuting distance, if you are super keen but a bit further out. Our office will be located in the Neepsend/Kelham Island area. I know this ‘work from home’ stuff is all the rage, but you can’t pack up the orders from home as you would drown in boxes of stock, hence why we have an office. Also, it’s much more fun having people to chat to at work.


Anything But Plastic is committed to diversity, equality, and inclusion. I don’t care who you are, or what parameters you define yourself within, as long as you can help me pack up orders and you are pleasant to get along with!

Why should you want to work for ABP?


Ridding the world of the scourge that is single-use plastic, helping people make eco-conscious choices and an inside glow of smug satisfaction knowing that what you are doing is making a difference. This isn’t just retail therapy, it’s plastic rehab for those wanting to help cure humanity of our harmful addiction to disposable plastics.


You have to put up with me, sorry. If you don’t like ideas being bounced off you or are unable to offer emotional support for my insanity/entrepreneurial zeal, then this may not be for you. I’m not that bad though, honest.

Pay –

£9 an hour rising to £9.50 April 2022.

Hours and times of work –

Minimum of 12 hours per week for now (perfect if you have other commitments). You’ll need to be able to work weekdays, Monday, Wednesday and Friday being the preferred days. Those hours can be anytime between 9am- 5pm, the exact times you come in and split of hours across those days can be agreed on to fit around you. If you occasionally need to vary days that’s fine, as long as Mon, Wed and Fri are mostly the regular days you work. ABP likes zero waste, not zero-hours, let’s make job flexibility fun not forced.

Potential for more hours as the business grows. There will be the opportunity to develop your role over time if you are keen and all is going well.

How do I apply?

Please send me a song and dance explaining why you should get the job. (Kidding!) Send a CV or some form of explanation as to why you want to work for ABP as well as a reference, (character or professional, your choice) so that I know you are who you say you are.

I will be moving over the 1st -5th of December, so if you are available this week there may be some hours for you to start helping unpack, but the job will properly start from the 6th of December, when ABP will be all set up and ready to go in Sheffield.

Please note the office will be closed for a few weeks over Christmas, starting from when the last day for Christmas post is (about the 21st of December) and will reopen sometime around the 3rd – 5th. You will have some say on the day we reopen, as we decide between ourselves when to start back.

Please email if you would like to apply. If you get through round one, I’ll contact you so we can have a chat …No stressful interview situations - I promise. 😊

The role will stay open until I find the right person, but I need help from the start of December so get cracking with your application and send it to me asap.


Let the applications commence!  




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