About Me

Just another whippersnapper trying to self-righteously change the world. Seriously though, I can… maybe. It’ll probably depend on how tolerant you all are to my sermons on the evils of plastic. After sleeping through a degree in Philosophy (sleeping disorder, not laziness!) and spending* three years withering away in the Outdoor Retail sector, (funny thing about outdoors shops is that everyone used to be outdoorsy, before they started working in retail and weren’t allowed outside) I am ready to bounce off in unknown directions, hopefully making this (ad)venture successful and inspiring enough to see some change. Most likely that change will be in myself, (much good that will do) but let’s hope other environmentally conscious people can get something from this, and maybe I’ll even force some of the ignorant and unwilling to take action against plastic pollution. I’ll let you know how it goes…


*literally, as in I spent so much money on outdoor gear and equipment it’s probably shameful

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