True tales of litter picking, plastic pollution woe and plastic packaging angst. 

Plastic free Christmas? Jingle yeah!

That's ‘hell yeah’ but with bells on. A few modest to outrageous suggestions on how to make your ho-ho-holidays a more environmentally friendly, plastic-free snowball of joy and sustainability. Implement my advice at your own risk of tantrums/cries of Scrooge. Remember to act jolly throughout, it’s what Santa would want. Are you going to be naughty or nice this year to our planet? I present to you a modicum of partially sensible ideas in the form of a list, a la Santa Claus. 1) ADVENT CALENDARS Chocolatey goodness - but also hidden behind every door is a plastic surprise! Most advent calendars typically have the chocolate treat moulded into a plastic backing so you can easily pop it out. So,

Sale Away With Me

Hello all you bargain hunters! I expect you are hungry for some mega discounts this weekend am I right? ….You won’t find any here, I’m sorry. I apologise if you feel like I’ve led you here under false pretences. I want to offer something different instead. For every pound you spend in Anything But Plastic’s shop this Black Friday weekend, I will personally go out and pick up 10 pieces of litter! That means if you spend £10 I will be picking up 100 pieces of rubbish. I could end up litter picking a landfill worth if the shop gets especially busy! I do quite a bit of litter picking anyway, but there is so much litter everywhere nowadays and in many places in the UK litter won’t get picked up u

How to stay positive when it’s all such a goddamn mess

Let’s get bleak then I’ll cheer you all up. Plastic pollution is such an overwhelming problem it can get quite depressing. Every article or video you see is bad news, and you end up feeling helpless at scale of the problem and a desperate urge to do something mixed with a hopeless realisation that you are just one person, so how can you even begin to make a difference. Panic stricken guilt and sadness ensues. (That’s how I react anyway…) Facts such as:​​ By 2050 there will be more plastic than fish (by weight) in the ocean. An estimated 32% of plastics escape the collection system globally. 8 million tonnes of plastics (of which estimates suggest that plastic packaging represents the majorit

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