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Welcome, welcome one and all! Here be a blog that may enthral.

Ready to hear about a load of rubbish?

A first instalment outlining the direction of Anything But Plastic and this blog, as well as a short history of the company and its founder.

What is ABP?

Anything But Plastic aims to be the one-stop plastic free shop the UK needs. If all goes well I intend to expand my range of products to cover all the basics and beyond of plastic free living. Check back frequently to see what I manage to come up with next. If you have any suggestions as to what you would like to see a plastic free alternative to, please let me know and if it is possible I shall do my best to provide it!

Who are you?

Hello there! I’m Jenny, the person behind these words and the website you find yourself on. If you’ve read through any of the rest of the site, then you’ve probably got a good idea of me already. If you really want to know more, then the short answer is I am twenty-five, alive, and I spend far too much time and energy trying to stay awake. I enjoy climbing, walking and …well just being outdoors really. I read a lot and drink too much water. I currently roam between Glasgow and a village in the midlands you won’t have heard of. The whole loving the outdoors is where my desire to protect the environment comes in if you hadn’t already guessed. That is practically my life story as it stands. I hope you are satisfied, stop being so nosey.

Where did the inspiration for Anything But Plastic come from?

The idea for Anything But Plastic grew out of the time I spent standing around whilst working in a shop.

I have spent a lot of time over the past few years taking plastic products out of plastic packaging. (That’s retail for ya, wildly exciting stuff.) All this plastic, mountains of the stuff every day, almost every product was individually wrapped in plastic packaging. Which was destined for the bin almost immediately. Customers generally aren’t aware of how much plastic comes with everything they buy, because a lot of it goes unseen.

As you can probably already tell I got pretty fed up of this. I started to cut my own plastic consumption, one item at a time. Why one at a time? Well, it turns out, that going plastic free can get pretty time consuming, as well as pricey when you factor in all the delivery charges or transport to multiple shops to buy your regular groceries. Why is this stuff not more readily available? Where is the modern convenience I am used to when it comes to finding alternatives to plastic in the UK? Why must the plastic free item I have painstakingly researched be shipped to me layered in reams of plastic!? Much frustration, rage and ranting later…

Ta Da! An idea was born, resulting many months hence in this website. Here you can buy those plastic free things all in one place, finally! I made this site all by myself, I’m quite proud of that you know. Who knew I could actually turn my idea into a reality, I’m a wizard Harry!

What this blog will address

If you want to keep up to date with the issues surrounding plastic pollution subscribe to this blog and I will endeavour to bring you the information you seek. My misadventures in litter picking and such will also be faithfully documented, as will my musings on the topic of plastic in the everyday. You may even find some useful advice to help cut down on plastic pollution in your home, or rallying cries to call you all to action. To be honest I don’t know yet. That’s part of the fun. I hope it goes well but if the only one reading this happens to be your cat who has sat on your laptop and accidentally opened this blog then at least I’m not talking to myself.

I hope to make this blog both informative and entertaining, but I make no promises. I imagine it will range from mildly amusing drivel to the colourless barking of cold hard facts and stats. Something for everyone then.

Posts once a month-ish. Probably. Maybe more to start with if I get excited.

Blog Blog Blog.

Engage, dear reader, engage! –

If you have by any chance enjoyed this post, please subscribe! Comment and share on social media if you please.

I may talk about rubbish but hopefully I won’t waste your time spouting trash, if I do, let me know so I can clean up my act and make sure that I always reuse and recycle information properly.

Please let me know if there is anything you specifically would like to know about plastic pollution, contact me with your questions and I’ll do the legwork for you. If it’s a good question that is. I’m not going to want to write about any old rubbish.

Composing not disposing,

Jenny Derry.

(Founder and Implementer of Anything But Plastic, who may one day be described as an entrepreneurial genius. Probably not this day though. Or any day soon.)

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