True tales of litter picking, plastic pollution woe and plastic packaging angst. 


(Well the part that concerns plastics anyway) …I haven’t read it all, it’s 151 pages after all (not even including the 3 annexes) and although I would love to comment on more aspects of this plan, I have restrained myself to the sections that concern plastic pollution and waste. Much restraint. Here is the plan for reference: We shall start on page 86. With a snappy title. ‘Achieving zero avoidable plastic waste by end of 2042’ All avoidable plastic waste to be eliminated by the end of 2042! An early retirement for me then, although I was hoping to be out of a job sooner than that. 2

The UK Microbead Ban, what is it, why should I care, and what do you want me to do about it?!

A micro victory in the fight against plastic pollution The Microbead Ban is in force in the UK! Hurrah! We’ve only been waiting since September 2016, but the ban is a revolutionary move that will hopefully lead to stricter controls on all microplastics in the products we use. The UK is following a precedent led by the US and Canada (where microbeads are already banned) to try and eliminate these scourges of the earth. What are microbeads? Where have you been for the last two years!? Microbeads have been a big topic, the campaign to ban them had a lot of press coverage and was obviously successful. For those missing presumed lost for all that time, without access to any sources of news, micro

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