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Anything But Plastic gift voucher card

Here they are, Anything But Plastic gift vouchers! Share the spirit of Anything But Plastic with your Mum, chum, bro, foe, or anyone you know who would like to take up the fight against plastic pollution. Give the gift of choice with a voucher and see the message of plastic-free living sprout and grow. 😊


You will get an individual code that will be written on the voucher, along with the date of issue. The voucher card will be sent to you blank, with space for you to write who it is from and to. Please refer the recipient of the gift voucher to this page for instructions for use if they need it. (Look in the FAQ’s below.) 


E-vouchers -

A perfect last-minute gift!

If you would prefer to be sent an e-voucher, please leave a note in the box during checkout saying you wish to be sent an e-voucher instead along with any other instructions. If the email address you want the voucher sent to is different to the one you leave on the order form please let us know. (If you wish to buy an e-voucher and nothing else, please go through the checkout as normal and I shall refund you the postage cost as soon as I see your order. There is currently no way for me to take the postage price off for just one product, so I have to refund postage for e-vouchers manually for now.) 

Gift Vouchers

PriceFrom £5.00
    • Valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.


    • Gift vouchers bought from Anything But Plastic can only be used on this website. (Unfortunately, I cannot accept a gift voucher if you happen to meet me at a market stall, they have to be used on the website’s shop.)


    • Gift vouchers are not redeemable for cash, are nontransferable (although you can use it to buy for other people if you so wish) and cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount or coupon.


    • The full value of the voucher must be used in one transaction. The ‘minimum spend’ is the value of the voucher. …This is because it would get far too complicated for me to work out a way to maintain a credit balance or refund small amounts every time a voucher is used. I don’t have a sophisticated enough system to keep track of when exactly a voucher is used, and I wouldn’t want to miss any voucher purchases by mistake, so the full amount of the voucher has to be used in one go to make it easier for everyone.
  • How do I redeem the voucher?

    • Once you have added the products you would like to your basket, click to see your basket. On that page, on the lefthand side of the screen underneath the items in your basket, there is a blue note that says ‘Enter a promo code’. Click that button and a box should pop up below it. Type your code into the box and click apply. The amount your voucher is worth should be taken off the total of your basket. Please check that the voucher has definitely been applied before moving on to the checkout.


    What happens if I lose the voucher?

    • Please get in touch with me and provide me with the name and order number of the person who bought the gift voucher for you. Once you have provided that proof, I can let you know the code to use your gift voucher. Remember, gift vouchers are only valid once, so if you find the gift voucher afterward it will be useless if you’ve already used the code.


    What if I don’t want enough products to make up the value of the voucher?

    • Ask a friend if they’d like something! Pay it forward 😊


    Why do I still have to pay postage?

    • The gift voucher acts as credit only for the products sold on this website. Postage costs are added separately, so gift vouchers cannot subtract the cost of postage.


    Can I get a refund on the voucher?

    • If you are the buyer – Only if the voucher has not already been posted out. Once it is in the post no refund can be given. If it gets lost in the post that is a different issue, so please contact me in this case.
    • If you are the recipient of the gift voucher – Not a chance buddy, that wasn’t your money 😉

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