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tin of organic shea butter body moisturiser

Nature at its finest, shea butter is a moisturising wonder of the natural world. Full of vitamins A, E and F, essentials for healthy skin. This organic, unrefined and unbleached shea butter is exactly as nature intended it to be.


Shea butter is a rich moisturiser you can use all over for full-body hydration. It is ideally suited to those with problem dry skin, and for those of us who have maybe spent a bit too long in either the sun or the cold and wind, upsetting our skin. Mild enough to use on even the most sensitive of skin*, suitable for all skin types and ages, including babies.


Shea butter is a very sustainable and eco-friendly crop, making you feel good inside and out. 😊 This shea butter is organic and fairly traded with women’s co-operatives from Ghana who hand-pick and craft the final product.  


To use: Leave your tin of shea butter somewhere warm so that it softens up for ease of use. Or, warm yourself up and apply after having a shower. You could also scoop out a small handful and rub it straight on to melt on contact with your skin if kept solid at room temperature.


*‘Please note: Shea Butter contains a natural substance which is similar to latex and its use should be avoided by people with a latex allergy.’

Body Moisturiser - Organic Shea Butter 160g

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  • Tubs of plastic moisturiser that have lots of ingredients …which aren’t necessarily kind to your skin. Many contain alcohol, which stops your skin from feeling greasy when plying on these thick creams, but doesn’t help your skin hydrate properly, meaning you have to use more of it.

    Moisturisers come in plastic bottles and tubs of all shapes and sizes, many of which aren’t at all recyclable, or only recyclable in part after you’ve dismantled it into different pieces. This is putting all the onus onto the consumer to work out how to dispose of the packaging. You can see why these things just get thrown in the bin!

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