apricot kernel oil face moisturiser for dry sensitive skin

Moisturiser for dry sensitive skin - Apricot Kernel Oil 100ml


Looking for a plastic-free face moisturiser? This is a light, clear oil that is lovely for use on dry sensitive skin. It is a brilliant everyday moisturiser especially on delicate areas like your face, as it sinks in quickly and does not leave any thick or heavy residue. Apricot kernel oil contains some super skin food vitamins and fatty acids, including vitamins A, C and E and Omega’s 3, 6 and 9 to help keep your skin in top shape.


Helpful for mature skin, it is softening, soothing and is also good for babies or children as it is suitable for sensitive skin. This oil helps with some inflammatory skin problems, it doesn’t need rubbing in and is easy to apply, alleviating very dry irritated patches of skin. This oil can also be used for massage, all-over skin conditioning and even as an intense hair repair mask. What more could you want it for!

  • Tubs of plastic moisturiser that have lots of ingredients …which aren’t necessarily kind to your skin. Lots contain alcohol, which while it stops your skin from feeling greasy when plying on these thick creams, it doesn’t help your skin hydrate properly, meaning you have to use more of it.

    Moisturisers come in plastic bottles and tubs of all shapes and sizes, many of which aren’t at all recyclable, or only recyclable in part after you’ve dismantled it into different pieces. Which is putting all the effort onto the consumer when working out how to dispose of the packaging. Why won’t companies learn that fancy looking plastic packaging with lots of moveable parts is a right pain in the…. when it comes to throwing it away? You can see why these kinds of things just get chucked in the bin by most people, no matter how much these companies whine they’ve made their products recyclable. Not good forward planning.